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Engage in thought-provoking lectures on news and journalism with Johannes Langkilde, where dynamic conversations, debates, and music seamlessly intertwine. Expect an interactive experience as the audience becomes an integral part of the dialogue. Moreover, Johannes Langkilde's extensive background as a television debate program host enables him to expertly moderate discussions.

Key Highlights of Johannes Langkilde's Lectures:

  • A captivating narrative of Johannes Langkilde's encounter with his Polynesian family, delving into their shared history
  • Embark on an adventurous and personal journey, immersing yourself in the fascinating Samoan culture
  • Experience the expertise of a professional and skillful communicator who enthralls his audience

About Johannes

Johannes Langkilde is a Danish award-winning journalist, TV host, author, speaker, and musician.

For over 20 years, he has provided news, reports, and interviews to Danish viewers on both TV 2 Denmark and DR. In 2006, he became Denmark's youngest presenter on nationwide TV and quickly hosted numerous major broadcasts, election debates, and events. In 2013, Johannes was employed as Bureau Chief for DR in Washington D.C., where he delivered reports and news to the Danish audience for four years, covering the 2016 presidential election. Johannes has written two critically acclaimed books that have been published in multiple countries. In his younger days, he attended the jazz conservatory I.M.F.P. in Southern France and has played with many of Denmark's prominent orchestras for several decades. He is often the emcee at Christmas concerts, New Year's concerts, and other music events. Johannes has his own band, Grove/Langkilde, with which he frequently performs, and he also forms a duo with the singer Katrine Muff. Additionally, Johannes became a Marshall Memorial Fellow in 2009.


As a child, Johannes Langkilde was told that he had family on a distant Pacific island, and that there was even a genuine chieftain among them. It sounded like something out of a children's fairy tale, and for Johannes Langkilde, the story never amounted to more than a curiosity.

Twenty years later, he finds himself as the USA correspondent in the city of Philadelphia, where the Democratic Party is set to nominate Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate. The delegate from American Samoa, tasked with delivering the votes on behalf of their territory, is none other than Chief Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde. As if arranged by fate, Johannes Langkilde suddenly comes face to face with a blood-relative.

This becomes the beginning of an extraordinary personal journey, which a couple of years later takes Johannes Langkilde, his wife, and their two children to Samoa to uncover the incredible story of how his ancestor, in the second half of the 19th century, established a large family on the Polynesian islands.

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TV host at DR and musician, best known as a TV host in news programs on both DR and TV 2.

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